I BELIEVE... the most sacred place I can be invited is in the inner sanctum of your life. I hold this place sacred and never take it for granted. ~ Pam Burton


Since I was a child, I've been intrinsically drawn to two things. Helping Others and Resilience.

I remember thinking my mom was joking when she said I should become Dear Abbey. Little did I know that Dear Abby was well-known for sound, compassionate advice, delivered with the straightforward style of a good friend."

Growing up, I was fascinated with people who superseded human limits. A woman who picks up a car to save her child pinned underneath. I watched people drag themselves across the finish line of the Ironman World Championship. I watched and listened to ABC sports dramatic opener declaring "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!"

And I became fascinated. Fascinated by people who could seemingly overcome anything. And I was curious... to know if I had the same power within me. So I tested and tested my limits to see if I was made of anything more than average.

Despite what people told me, I always believed I was just plain average, nothing special. Once day everything changed. I could finally see and embrace in myself, what I'd always been able to see in others. It's our Greatness and our ability to go beyond anything we've known ourselves to be.

I have lots of stories. We all do. I've gone beyond them. I get to help others go beyond their stories. It's my passion and my purpose.

Being a Coach is not what I do. It's who I am.


My message is simple. I am passionate about YOU.

Specifically about helping you...Go Beyond anything you've been, done or experienced before.

I want you to see yourself the way I see you. As someone who is loved and worthy and deserving. And when you allow yourself to receive and embrace that, I believe you can go beyond anything you’ve been, done or experienced before.

It is my highest desire that you will really know and feel you are worthy, deserving and loved.

I'm passionate about helping you overcome patterns that keep you stuck; redefining and healing shame; living from your unique gifts, talents and expression; finding and living your passion and purpose; living a life filled with more joy, worthiness, abundance and love. I'm also ridiculously passionate about and in love with my miniature  dachshund, Nugget.

I love my work and I love my clients, genuinely and passionately.



Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart -Basketball at 12

Age 12

I knew I wanted to be a Coach. At that time, athletics was my only option.

Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart - College Graduation

Graduation - 22

Gave up my dream of athletics. 22 years later I became a Life Coach.

Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart - Bodybuilding smaller image

Bodybuild - 30

Bodybuilding. I tested my limits to see if I was anything more than average?

smaller im and bb for circles.001

Ironman - 39

Another test. Ironman USA 2006. I crossed the finish line, on my feet, not my knees.


Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart -Fire walk

Fire walk - 40

24 feet. Hot coals. A ruptured achilles tendon. I found the greatness within.


Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart -Maya Angelou

Maya A. - 43

A dream realized. Dinner in the home of the late great Maya Angelou.

Pam Burton is committed to Personal Development and Transformation. She has trained with and been coached by many of today's Top Transformational Leaders.












Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart -Jennifer Band


Pam Burton is an incredible life coach and gift to this world! I simply can't imagine where my life would be without her support, guidance, and teaching. Of the many gifts she brings to her clients, at the top would be her ability to really listen to what you're saying, and help reframe, refocus, and redefine so you can create and live a life you absolutely love. And she does it all wrapped in love, kindness, and compassion! Her work is so powerful, that as an Executive Director of a non-profit, we hired Pam to develop a transformational course for the Adult Advisors who work directly with our teens. Just as we thought, her guidance, support, and knowledge has taken our Adult Advisors to another level! We simply can't get enough of Pam and can't recommend her highly enough. If you're ready for your life to transform into everything you want it to be, you need to STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW AND CALL HER!

Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart -Kirsten Wrinkle


Pam Burton inspires me to be the best I can be and to live a life of integrity and compassion and heart. Her coaching skills are outstanding. She is not afraid to dig deep into the hard stuff and walk with you on your journey with guidance, wisdom and support. I learn from Pam as a coach and I learn from Pam as a person in this world who truly seeks the best in herself and others. I have also witnessed the work she does with other adults and teens. Everyone she works with drinks in her guidance and support with huge thirsty gulps. When you are ready to live your envisioned life, Pam is the person to get you there. Best choice you will make is working with Pam.

Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart -Kelly Schermerhorn

Kelly Shermerhorn

I often say, 'everyone needs a "Pam" in their life.' More importantly, everyone needs THIS Pam. I firmly believe the world would be a better place if everyone used Pam's services. She sheds light, opens doors and offers a way of thinking that is far more powerful and positive than anything I've experienced in the past. And, in the chaotic world that we live in today, Pam helped me find peace.  Peace - a ripple that I felt throughout my whole life; in my confidence, in my thoughts, and in my actions towards my friends and family. Pam delivered on exactly what I wanted to achieve. I highly recommend Pam, and hope that everyone has an opportunity to work with her someday.