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Stop Saying YES When You Really Mean NO

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Learn How To Stop Saying YES When You Mean NO

I BELIEVE... the most sacred place I can be invited is in the inner sanctum of your life. I hold this place sacred and never take it for granted.

Pam Burton


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Pam Burton - Life Coach Charlotte NC is a highly sought after and incredibly effective coach. She offers individual and group coaching that are uniquely and specifically customized to your needs. If you're ready for a change, look no further.  

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Pam Burton has dedicated her life to personal growth, serving others, and being a beacon of light, love and compassion. She guides others to recognize, embrace and live the greatness within them.

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Pam Burton is an award-winning speaker who lights up a room, leaving everyone feeling inspired and motivated to be and do more. Learn more about booking Pam for your next live event. 


Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart -Sharon Roberts


It all started with THE hug at a local coffee shop. You know, THE hug that just rocks you to your core. The sheer power of THE embrace that says no worries, I gotcha. How can I support you? I’m here for you. Pam really cares about me not only as a client but as a friend. THE hug is always at the ready. She has walked in my shoes and the shoes of countless others like me, always urging us to dive deeper within. Even when I don’t see the uniqueness in myself, Pam does. I am humbled by Pam’s unwavering support. For This I Say THANK YOU.

Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart -Mara Campolungo


Pam Burton is the consummate professional and a mixture of all things that are good. I have worked with Pam on a number of projects and in a variety of ways and have always found her to be compassionate, kind, caring and incredibly insightful. Pam has been a trusted friend, confidant and coach for the last 2.5 years and I cannot imagine a brainstorming session without her. Always helpful, impactful and creative, Pam is one of the most loving humans on the planet. 5+++ stars for one of the most talented people I have the honor of knowing.

Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart -Nancy Grojean


Pam has done her own work and has applied the principles she teaches her clients. I have been working with her for two years and she has consistently met my expectations. I'm 67 years old and I've worked with a lot of really good people over the years, and she is the best. She is honest, skilled, compassionate, real, intelligent, intuitive, loving, and any other superlative that's not coming to mind. I recommend her without reservation to anyone who is wanting to make changes, realize their dreams, or improve any aspect of their life.

Life Coach Charlotte NC - Pam Burton - KickStart with Heart -Jenna Cartee


I can't recommend Pam highly enough. Since working with Pam, so many things have shifted in my life for the better. I am more healthy than I have been in my entire adult life. I have released 85 pounds of excess weight. My family relationships are stronger. My business is growing. And best of all - I really love myself. It's kind of a miracle. 🙂 Pam has the ability to listen, pose thoughtful questions, reframe painful situations, and enable you to visualize and take action on the things want. She is kind, compassionate, and loving. Give yourself the gift she offers.